Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two articles

Two fantastic articles from the New York times.

The first, I must give credit to one Anand Reddi. He sent me this article about the wild optimism and relentless hope that seemingly all Africans share despite the disease, poverty, and civil unrest that plagues so many of their countries. I found it particularly poignant considering the last entry about Michael's party. There also seemed to be a shared belief that the bright future they had always hoped for was just around the corner. For many at that party, that bright future might have already arrived. Their situation is really quite promising compared to the refugee fleeing Sudan with her 3 month old child in this article.

The second is another Times article about the growing number of HIV positive children recieving antiretroviral therapy in Sub-saharan Africa.

Both capture a struggling, yet hopeful Africa. Their fight for peace, for health, and for well being is far from over. But I believe their optimism and resourcefulness will one day bring them into a brightened future when we no longer consider Africa to be the Dark Continent.


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