Friday, February 24, 2006

Florida Road

Florida Road is the greatest street in Durban. Its within walking distance from our house, so we frequent it often to meet friends for drinks, dinner, to rent a movie or just go for a walk. A few weeks ago, Kylie and I decided to have a "progressive" evening and moved from place to place, having a drink, appetizer, or meal at each spot. Here is the pictorial journey down Florida Rd.

First stop was Zeta Bar, a very cool place with great decor and excellent drinks. It has the style of a very trendy club, but seems to attract very down to earth, unassuming clientele. We each had a mixed drink that was consumed way to fast.Next door was a new restaurant called Villa Nova. We had this crazy appetizer that was almost too good looking to eat. We really wanted to just stay and eat dinner here. We were the only people in the restaurant, and our waitress was cool. But in the spirit of our evening, we felt the need to move on. As a compromise, we decided to have another glass of wine.

We then went for dinner at Europa where we forgot to take a picture. Dont worry, you didnt miss much. Nothing too exciting, just some pasta and more wine. At this point, we were starting to get full on drinks and food. So, we decided to move on to coffee, albeit, Irish coffee.Up next was Tribeca. This is a very stylish, very aesthetic little coffee shop that has only been in Durban about as long as we have. They have one of the most creatively designed menus I have ever had the pleasure of ordering from. The whole place is decorated with a simplistic, modern style. As you can guess, everything is also expensive (at least by South African standards, reasonable cheap by American). You can barely make out Kylie sitting all by her lonesome while I took this picture. We finished the night off at an old favorite, Johnny Foxes. At this point, it was way past our normal bedtime of 9:00 pm, and the drinks, wine, and Irish coffee were having their way with our sensibilities. We managed to finish our beers, and finally decided it was time for bed.

What did we learn from our progressive evening? First, Florida road is great. Second, dont confuse a progressive dinner with a pub crawl as we somehow did. Third, we are really lucky to live in such a great, safe part of Durban. Fourth, you would have had SO much fun had you actually decided to come visit (you know who you are...)


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